Design & Structural Engineering 


The Evolved Group work all over England and Wales & have anexperienced ‘in house’planning consultant to work with planning authorities across the country, including those in National Parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Once planning is granted, we will then apply for Building Regulation Approval. The Building Regulations set out the requirements necessary to ensure a consistent and appropriate standard of health, safety, energy conservation and accessibility is achieved in building work, for both domestic and commercial proposals.

JUWO Evolved SmartWall Building System

Our homes are designed to meet & exceed the current building regulations to give you higher levels of comfort and save on energy costs. The systems we offer are already capable of meet the new ‘Future Homes’ specifications.

We offer our range of JUWO SmartWall building blocks, a complete building system.

The benefits of using the JUWO SmartWall™ System are numerous:

Excellent Thermal Performance, from Building Regulations to Passivhaus.

No added insulation or Wall ties.

Quick Construction Time, no limits on number of lifts.

Single solid wall construction.

Thin bed mortar technology.

Complete Building System, lintels, fixings all available.

>85% less moisture in construction, faster drying out.

Completely Vapourpermeable.

Clay is possibly one of the most sustainable materials used in construction. It is a natural material that it easy to work with and provides a comfortable living environment and can be returned to the earth at the end of its life, no having to go to landfill sites!

SmartWall™ explained.

The Smart Wall system delivers a much faster build time. The thin joint adhesive allows you to continually work without being restricted to the number of lifts in a day, on average, up 40 sqm can be achieved per person per day.

SmartWall™, being a solid wall building system, means that you have just one skin for your building structure, no cavity, therefore no wall ties, therefore minimising areas for complicated detailing and areas for insulation to be missed.

With standard masonry systems, drying out can be problematic in the UK climate. The adhesive layer helps to reduce moisture in the building by over 85%, this, coupled with the faster build time, means that your building can be roofed and weathertight in a much shorter time.

Efficiencies & Performance.

The SmartWall™ building system has a superior thermal performance compared to other similar products, making it easy to achieve Building Regulation requirements without the need for additional wall insulation or increase in foundation size.

The thermal performance of SmartWall™, together with the density of the blocks, provide excellent thermal mass. Too many modern homes face the risk of summer overheating. The SmartWall™ system provides warmth in Winter and comfort in Summer.

We believe in ‘Putting Fabric First’ and Futureproofing your home for life

Structural Engineering

Our ‘in house’ structural engineer has a wealth of residential, civil and commercial experience for low and high rise developments.

We can offer the service of detailed design drawings along with structural design for foundations, retaining walls, superstructure and roof, 3 dimensionally modelled.